Does Soulmate Really Exists?

Yes. I believe soulmate really exists. I have seen couples who are so much in love and their face actually look alike. They respect and understand each other. They are able to tolerate and fix any problems that comes in their relationship. They are able to live together until the end. However, there are not many soulmates that exist in this world.

I have been searching for my soulmate. But now I think I don’t have soulmate. I’m falling into traps thinking that this is the one but at the end of the day, it is not. Finding for soulmate is a very exhausting and draining process. Feels like there is no one on this earth who can understand me. If there is one who claims they can understand me, actually they are just faking it. They just made me to believe that they are the one by showing their fake self. When the truth emerges, I am disappointed.

I think there is no point in finding soulmates. They just don’t exist for most people. Most people are just in relationship or marriage just for the sake of it. Maybe I’m just too tired waiting to find the One. 🙂

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