Take It Easy

Are you going through hardships? Are you going through break up? Are you jobless? Did you lose someone dear to you? Did your crush say no to you? Ok. I know it feels like hell. I know it sucks. Take some time to feel the disappointment, the sadness, the sorrow, the fear and the pain. Once you are done with it, when you no longer have any more tears coming out, tell yourself and tell your heart to “take it easy”!

You may think how to take it easy? It is impossible. You don’t feel what I feel, you don’t know what I go through. But just try to take a seat back. Think! Does my feelings of sorrow or sadness is going to help to change my current situation? Am I going to get back the same job? Does the person whom I love so much is going to come back to me? My dear husband has left me for some other women! Is he going to come back just because I’m sad? No, he is not coming back. What has happened has happened! We can’t change it. But what is going to happen tomorrow is in our hands.

I have gone through heart break. I have lost job at my dream company. I have failed many times. I have felt so much of pain and suffering. I take such a long time to heal myself. It is a painful process. But I tell myself I will be able to overcome it one day. I tell my heart to take it easy. This too shall pass. It is just a bad time. Good time will come soon.

I don’t ignore my pain. I don’t bury it. If I feel like I want to cry, I just cry it out. But I always look for ways on how to overcome it. How to put an end to it! Because I know these negative feelings that I carry is going to manifest itself into a disease in my body. So what do I personally do to overcome pain and suffering? Let me share with you some tips which you might already know.

1. Listen to motivational talks

I listen to a lot of motivational talks. I listen to speakers like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Jay Shetty and Simon Sinek. Sometimes I listen to them while driving to work. Sometimes at home. When I feel like I need a motivation, I listen to these people. Why do I listen to them? Because they are already successful. They also go through difficulties in life and they managed to find a way to overcome their difficulties and become successful.

2. Meditate

Meditation helps me to calm down my wild thoughts. Sometimes I can’t control my thoughts. It runs like a wild and mad horse. So I put on a soft and calm music and sit quietly listening to this music. I try to focus back into the essence of who I am and focus on some positive thoughts. I try to visit temples at least once a week to absorb some positive energy.

3. Read

I read a lot. I read a lot of articles and books. I just love to read. I read to improve myself and to seek knowledge. All the great leaders in the world read every day. So if I want to become a leader like them, I should equip myself with knowledge. I’m not able to read a book everyday due to my addiction to Facebook. But I’m still trying to overcome it and keep a book beside me on my bed so that I would read it.

4. Listen to songs

Songs instantly lift my mood. Music is very soothing to our ears. I can search all kind of songs in Youtube. Or listen to radio. I like sentimental songs. Depends on my mood, I switch from Tamil to Hindi and English songs. If I feel down, I listen to songs. If I’m happy, I listen to happy songs. Haha!

So these are some of the steps that I have taken to overcome obstacles in my life. There will always be up and down in life. But the question is what are we doing with them? Let’s overcome all problems in our life together and just take it easy! 🙂

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