Dream to Work from Home

One thing that I’m very sure of wanting badly right now is to be working from home and be successful at it. I can say this will be my long term goal. I have achieved all my previous short term goals that I had. From wanting to be a tutor, working 5 days a week job at a particular location, customer service job (someone said I have very clear tone when I speak, suggested for me to try customer service which I did) to working at one of the famous company which was difficult for one to get employed due to stringent screening.

In between, I had a lot of other opportunities for me to try and see if it works for me. But I guess maybe it is not for me. Certain things work very well for some, some things don’t work well for everyone. I think it is best to realise things fast and try something that work for us. Right now I’m just focusing into one thing, any creative job that I can do and that will be from home.

Well, one of the reason I started writing in this blog with the hope that one day I can start making money with this blog. But it takes time and a lot of effort before I can start seeing results. I have been checking a lot of other blogs and reading posts on how one can earn working from home. I have been trying some of the links provided and it is not working well for me at this moment. So meanwhile, I build up this blog, I’m also trying some other ideas that might work as well.

You might wonder why working from home? Well, I can share with you why I would love to work from home:-

  1. I’m the boss. I work for myself. Nobody can tell me anything as to how things should be done. I decide the rules. I don’t have to answer anyone.
  2. Flexibility. I love to have own timing and the pleasure of being able to move around without much concern.
  3. I love what I do. Whatever it is I might be doing to work from home, that is going to be something that I love to do. Remember the quote “if you love what you do, you never feel like working!”
  4. I don’t have to worry to take MC and emergency leave. If I’m sick, I’m already at home and can take all the rest that I need.
  5. I can enjoy being in solitude.
  6. I can be as creative as I want.
  7. I believe in work-life balance. Being at home ensures that I have enough time for family and at the same time earning for life.
  8. I can save a lot. I can save the money spent for toll, petrol, car service, parking fees,  and food. I  can also save the time.
  9. I can eat and sleep at anytime I want.
  10. I can have all the entertainment that I want. I can watch my favourite TV show. I can listen to songs while working. I can use phone at anytime.

So these are some of the reasons as to why I want to work from home. We are in a very powerful digital age now. Everyone is going online. I have come across many job offers that says you can earn pretty well by working from home. Unfortunately, some of it are scams. We have to careful enough not to be conned by greedy people who wants to earn money by cheating.

Do you have similar dream like me? Do you have any other reason that you can add on on the list? Share with me in the comments below. Thank you for taking your time to read my blog. 🙂




It’s been awhile since I last wrote in my blog. My friend recently asked me on my next blog post. Well, there is a lot of things going on in my mind. But I haven’t really thought of putting it into words. So right now I’m thinking to write about friendship. Why friendship? Because friendship is very important to me. Being an introvert, my circle of friends are very small. I simply don’t allow everyone into this small circle, so if you are in, then you are special to me.

Friendship is about sharing the good and bad times together. Friendship is about trust. I trust you that you will never betray me and back me up in any situation. Friendship is about being there physically and emotionally to support each other. Friendship is about irritating each other to the max and still stick to each other. No matter how far you have gone, no matter which you country you have shifted to, friendship is about still keeping in touch and talking grandma stories. Do you agree with me? No? Ok, fine..

I feel as we grow, we evolve and become a different person. We might not be the same person anymore. We don’t talk the same language anymore. We don’t spend that much time together anymore. Friendship fades in the fast moving world. We are so busy working day and night that we forget to say a simple hello to each other. Or maybe we simply have new buddies to keep us occupied. Perhaps we are so busy with our special one, boyfriends and girlfriends!

When I reflect back, sometimes I wonder, will friendship stand the test of time and distance. The technology has improved greatly, all of us have a mobile phone 24/7 with us but still we don’t keep in touch with each other. Maybe we will only start contacting our friends when we need them. Some people say that if our old friends start contacting us back, it might be because they want to sell something to us…Hahaha… Why don’t we keep close contacts with our friends rather than only look for them when we need them? This is a reminder for myself too! I have to re-evaluate where my current friendship stands. Thank you to all my friends who have been keeping in touch with me during my up and low time. Thank you so much and love you all!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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