Exercise, exercise, exercise 💪

“Tomorrow I’m going to wake up at 6.00am, I’m going to leave the house by 6.30am and reach the park at 7am. I’m going to go for jogging no matter what!” the brain is telling the heart while I’m putting the alarm on my phone.


The next day at 6.00am.


I wake up and check my phone.

“I will wake up in 5 mins time,” I sleep back while hitting the snooze button.

After 10mins, the same thing happen until the alarm goes off. Sometimes I will not hear the ring anymore. As if my ears have gone deaf temporarily.

Well this is not the first time I do this. I did the same thing countless time and ended up feeling bad for not sticking to my plan. I really want to go for jogging but I couldn’t do it. This is not the only reason as to why I cannot do it. There are other reasons too. Are any of these reasons ring a bell to you?

Why I don’t exercise?

1) I have to go alone. 😭 I don’t like to go jogging alone. I need someone to be there. Who is going to accompany me?

2) I don’t like people watching me.

3) Why I have to wear shoes? I hate shoes. It covers my whole feet and I feel uncomfortable. Why can’t I just wear slippers and go for walk in the park? I know safety is important, but I just want to get some fresh air while walking in the park. People might look at me one kind if I actually wear slipper to go for a walk at park.

4) I must have all those branded shoes and attire before I can go for jogging. Well sometimes I have these thoughts but who cares? Am I going for jogging or to promote the brand?

5) Basically I’m just lazy. I prefer to sleep nicely on my bed than to sacrifice my sleep and actually go for jogging. Period.

So these are the common reasons why I don’t go for exercise. Do you have any other interesting reasons? You can share with me at the comments. 😉

Now, we have a problem to solve. How to push ourselves to actually get our ass out there to exercise? I want to share with you what actually helps me.

I have started to exercise recently but not yet doing it consistently. I was thinking what actually made me to start exercising and I want to share it with you as well.

How to motivate ourselves to actually exercise?

1) Have a support group. I found that when I have a group of people with the same mindset that is to be healthier and loves to exercise, I naturally find myself joining them too. Now I don’t have a reason to say I have to do it alone.

2) People are watching me when I do exercise. Everybody is doing it together, so it’s okay. In fact, they keep motivating me “Puspha, don’t stop! Keep doing! You can do it! Yeah…”

3) To have a personal coach who inspire and push you to be a better person. She is doing it and at the same time, she inspires me to do it.

4) Know what will happen to your body if you don’t consciously start to exercise today. Those who do not exercise regularly have higher chances of getting chronic illnesses.

5) To have the desire that I want to exercise have actually made it possible for me to exercise. If you believe in law of attraction, whatever you are thinking most of the time, you will attract it to you. The universe have to arrange the time and place for me so that I can have my desire fulfilled.

These are the some of the things that helping me to do exercise today. If you are looking for some way to improve your health and want to exercise, you can start by finding your support group first. If you have any other ideas, you can share in the comments section. 😊

Source of image : www.texasrockgym.com/exercise-for-homeschoolers/

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  1. Anu says:

    Very useful Post. We need to start exercising to avoid those illnesses and live a better lifestyle.


    1. Tq for your comment 🙂


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