Will it happen? Will it not happen? What will I do if it did happen? How if it didn’t happen? What? Where? How? Who? Questions….Questions…Questions! Sometimes I wish I can stop my brain from thinking. But it is not easy to stop thinking. The mind loves to think. Do you also think like this?

There is fear and doubt when I think about the future. But does it help me in any way? No! It just drains my energy. So how to overcome this?

Sometimes listening to positive affirmations help me to overcome overthinking and uncertain feelings. Youtube allows us to save videos which we can listen even when we are not online. I just save my favorite video or videos that I want to listen later. I listen to motivational speech to motivate myself.

Reading good motivational books helps me to overcome uncertainty. I’m a great fan of The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne. Whenever I feel down and need some positive thoughts, I always go back to read this book. It instantly uplifts me. It reassures me that I can have or be anything I want. Whatever that is happening now is a result of my own thinking. If I continue to be uncertain and feeling fear, I’m going to attract more fearful situations to my life. I must think of the things that I want and feel good of having it now. I immediately change my way of thinking as I’m creating my future now.

Spending time with positive people. If we are down, we need someone to uplift our spirit again. Someone to assure us that everything is going to be okay. Their positive vibes actually helps us to change our vibes too.

Changing our surroundings. Sometimes changing to a new place can help us to feel better. Our house has a great impact on us. A house that looks clean and neat has impact on the way we think. Make sure our bedroom are clean. Everything is arranged in an organized way.

I have to keep reminding myself to think positive. Make sure I feel good and happy. Every time I find myself thinking negatively, I immediately change back to positive thoughts. This is the fastest way to manifest things that I want.

Uncertainty forces me to think what is it that I actually want. What is it that actually makes me happy. It helps me to come to a final decision “Yes, this is what I want! Now, send it to me.”

Do you have the same problem like me? Any other way that helps you to overcome uncertainty? Please share at the comments below. šŸ˜Š

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The Art of Communication

Communication barrier is a big problem in our daily life. Communication can either bring you closer or break your relationship with someone. I notice that whenever I meet my sister or brother or my mum, a sweet conversation can easily turn into heated argument. Both parties feel that they are right and the other one is wrong. We get frustrated and angry and simply walk off and slams the door.

It happens slightly different with other people like our close friends, colleagues and relatives. The level of frustration is lesser compared with our own family members. Do you agree with me? Maybe we won’t even say it to them. We just keep it to ourselves. We don’t want to hurt our friends, do we?

Why can’t we have good communication with each other? Is it that difficult? How if it can solve 90% of our problem and let us live a peaceful life? How to have good communication? Do you know how to communicate effectively with others? Do I know? Well, I don’t know! If I knew, I will be sitting in a very high position right now and earning millions of dollars teaching people this art.

Story time

There is no harm in trying to understand this art right. So let’s explore. What actually happens when two people is trying to communicate. Let me tell you a story. A real story that has happened to me. I invited my friend to go for a dinner since it has been quite some time I have seen her. I kinda missed her and thought to meet to have some chat.

We communicated through whatsapp and agreed to meet up for dinner. She asked me to go to a new restaurant that she knows and I agreed to that. I told her to send me the location. You know waze is making our life easier. She just told me to type the name in the waze and it will show. I was like how will I know if it is correct one?

Then I thought maybe she doesn’t know how to search in waze. (rolling eyes) So what I did, I searched and send her the location to confirm if the location is correct. Then there was no response. Then I said let’s go to a place that both of us knows. She doesn’t want to go to the usual place we used to go because the owner changed it seems and also it was quite far for me. The usual place is about 30 mins drive from the place I’m staying.

When intuition is trying to help

Then, she told me the location I sent earlier is correct and asked me to come there. I was already driving by the time and I said ok. I just clicked the earlier location and it shown 30 mins drive from my current location. An inner voice quietly questioned me “30mins?” My brain just belittled my inner voice and said “it should be correct! She just confirmed it. Maybe it is her favourite place and she doesn’t realize the distance is still about the same.”

So I convinced myself and just drove to the destination. Once reached, I called and said to her “Hey, where is the restaurant? In the waze, it shows a different picture. Here I don’t find it. Where are you?” Then, she realized I was at a wrong place. There were a lot of branches and the one she mentioned was at another place. She sent me the location. I used waze to check the location. It shows another 30 mins from the current restaurant that I’m in. šŸ˜§

Can you picture what actually happened here? Isn’t it a communication barrier? If both of us were to communicate clearly, we would have avoided this situation. My little inner voice or intuition did try to warn me earlier. It questioned me quietly “why it shows 30 mins?” I just ignored my intuition and assumed things and went ahead with my decision. What my friend could have done better? She could have sent me the correct location or at least check properly the location that I have sent. How on earth will I know where is the place she is talking about? I assumed she would have checked the landmark nearby to ensure it is correct. I think she saw the picture updated in waze and thought it is correct. And I don’t know who updated waze wrongly or whether it is an old update.

The results

I’m sharing with you what happened in my brain and how I decided things. I don’t know what happened in her brain and how she decided things. She could have a valid and logical reason too. I couldn’t write it here because she didn’t tell me clearly what happened on her side. At the end of the day, we ate at different restaurant. We didn’t meet. She said let’s meet up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Well, we won’t know what will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Maybe for some reason, the universe didn’t want us to meet. I don’t know. I always believe there must be a reason as to why something happens. Maybe the universe wants to give me a story to write. Hahahaaa šŸ˜›

After this incident, I started to ponder. I remember my uncle always emphasize we must make sure that the other person get the information correctly. My coach also reminding me from time to time on things I should communicate clearly to my customers. Because most of the time, I tend to assume. It is not good to assume things.

So I thought let me come out with some ways on how I can improve my communication skills at the same time it can help others. I have listed down about 5 ways to improve our communication. Please check it out below:

How to improve Our communication skills

1) Don’t assume things.

Always check if the other person have understood the message. Your understanding of things maybe different compared to another person.

2) Respond to message or call.

If someone tried to call or message you, please respond to them. If you don’t respond, they will start to worry what happened to you. Whether you have been kidnapped, you lost your phone, or met accident. This is worst case scenario. If you have been busy or away from phone, it is always courteous to send a reply maybe at the end of the day. Sometimes we don’t respond because we are not interested. Wouldn’t it save time and energy if you were to tell them nicely you are not interested? At least, they won’t keep bugging you with phone calls and message.

3) Try to put yourself on the other person’s shoes.

How would they feel? Will they like the way you communicate to them? If someone were to do the same thing to you, will you like it? Karma is there to teach you back what you did. I’m already experiencing some return of my own action. šŸ˜‘

4) If you can’t talk nicely, better to keep quiet.

Because when you don’t react, they won’t be triggered. Just tell to yourself “I better keep quiet now before the volcano erupt. I can always talk later when both of us are more calm.”

5) Be transparent and direct.

People cannot read our mind. We have to open our mouth and tell. If you don’t like something, tell it. Some have the habit of talking behind. What’s the point of talking behind and gossiping about someone? If you want to help them improve, you must tell them what is their weakness and how they can improve. Be honest.

So these are some of the steps that I can think of and would like to practice to improve my communication skills with others. If you do have some ideas on how to improve, please share at the comments below. šŸ˜Š

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Exercise, exercise, exercise šŸ’Ŗ

“Tomorrow I’m going to wake up at 6.00am, I’m going to leave the house by 6.30am and reach the park at 7am. I’m going to go for jogging no matter what!” the brain is telling the heart while I’m putting the alarm on my phone.


The next day at 6.00am.


I wake up and check my phone.

“I will wake up in 5 mins time,” I sleep back while hitting the snooze button.

After 10mins, the same thing happen until the alarm goes off. Sometimes I will not hear the ring anymore. As if my ears have gone deaf temporarily.

Well this is not the first time I do this. I did the same thing countless time and ended up feeling bad for not sticking to my plan. I really want to go for jogging but I couldn’t do it. This is not the only reason as to why I cannot do it. There are other reasons too. Are any of these reasons ring a bell to you?

Why I don’t exercise?

1) I have to go alone. šŸ˜­ I don’t like to go jogging alone. I need someone to be there. Who is going to accompany me?

2) I don’t like people watching me.

3) Why I have to wear shoes? I hate shoes. It covers my whole feet and I feel uncomfortable. Why can’t I just wear slippers and go for walk in the park? I know safety is important, but I just want to get some fresh air while walking in the park. People might look at me one kind if I actually wear slipper to go for a walk at park.

4) I must have all those branded shoes and attire before I can go for jogging. Well sometimes I have these thoughts but who cares? Am I going for jogging or to promote the brand?

5) Basically I’m just lazy. I prefer to sleep nicely on my bed than to sacrifice my sleep and actually go for jogging. Period.

So these are the common reasons why I don’t go for exercise. Do you have any other interesting reasons? You can share with me at the comments. šŸ˜‰

Now, we have a problem to solve. How to push ourselves to actually get our ass out there to exercise? I want to share with you what actually helps me.

I have started to exercise recently but not yet doing it consistently. I was thinking what actually made me to start exercising and I want to share it with you as well.

How to motivate ourselves to actually exercise?

1) Have a support group. I found that when I have a group of people with the same mindset that is to be healthier and loves to exercise, I naturally find myself joining them too. Now I don’t have a reason to say I have to do it alone.

2) People are watching me when I do exercise. Everybody is doing it together, so it’s okay. In fact, they keep motivating me “Puspha, don’t stop! Keep doing! You can do it! Yeah…”

3) To have a personal coach who inspire and push you to be a better person. She is doing it and at the same time, she inspires me to do it.

4) Know what will happen to your body if you don’t consciously start to exercise today. Those who do not exercise regularly have higher chances of getting chronic illnesses.

5) To have the desire that I want to exercise have actually made it possible for me to exercise. If you believe in law of attraction, whatever you are thinking most of the time, you will attract it to you. The universe have to arrange the time and place for me so that I can have my desire fulfilled.

These are the some of the things that helping me to do exercise today. If you are looking for some way to improve your health and want to exercise, you can start by finding your support group first. If you have any other ideas, you can share in the comments section. šŸ˜Š

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