10 Tips on How to Attract Customers to Your Mamak Restaurant

Mamak Restaurant are available 24 hours mostly nearby the residence area. I love these restaurants because the food are cheap and I can find Indian food easily. I’m quite particular and choosy when it comes to food. I would rather eat the same food everyday rather than trying some new dishes that I might be wasting and ended up in the rubbish bin. I simply can’t waste food

I have been observing how most Mamak shops operate and thought to share some tips on how they can improve their service and attract and keep loyal customers. Just because it is Mamak restaurant, doesn’t mean they can’t provide best services to their customers. So here are 10 tips on how Mamak restaurant can attract loyal customers to keep coming.

1. Have Electronic Device to Take Order

I find it frustrating when I get food not as per what I have requested to the waiter. Normally I will order specifically what I wanted and what not to put in the food as I’m vegetarian. Then I have to request them to change if it is not what I wanted. Some restaurants do have electronic device when they take order from the customers. I find it more accurate and most of the time I’m satisfied with the food. This is because the message goes directly to the cook and the person who will do the drinks. By just telling to the waiter, some information goes missing and the cook is not informed properly. When I ask why it is not like what I have requested, most of the waiter tell me they did tell the cook but still they do it wrongly. And not only that, the food is ready within just few minutes and I hardly have to wait too long. So to save time and energy, invest in those electronic device.

2. Attend to Your Customers Immediately

I don’t really like to go to a restaurant that they don’t come to take orders immediately and I have to keep waving my hands to ask them to come. Sometimes I have to shout to call them since whistling is inappropriate for a girl. Most of the time this happens if the restaurant is busy and they have less manpower to handle. Waiting for 5 minutes is fine but having to wait for more than 10 minutes I think I don’t have that much of patience especially when I’m really hungry. (I know, I’m trying to inculcate more patience 😛)

3. Have Some Varieties

Some restaurants that I go do not have much varieties. For example, if I were to order thosai, I expect it with dhall and with coconut or tomato chutney. Some restaurants they only have dhall. Where is the chutney? You can cook the dhall curry with different style. It doesn’t have to taste the same.

4. Keep Clean Cutletries with Tissues

I would prefer a clean spoon and fork to eat with some tissues on the table. I wonder if tissues are so expensive that they tend to keep it at the counter. I need the tissues while I’m eating or after I wash my hand. Unfortunately, I only find it when I’m about to leave the restaurant. What’s the point?

5. Cook Tasty Food with Less Oil

Cholesterol level among Malaysians are very bad according to the Ministry of Health. It would be good if you can cook with less oil. Too much oil spoil the taste and it looks bad. And of course, try to get a good cook for your restaurant.

6. Don’t Flirt with Your Customers

Yes, please. Some of the restaurants that I go to are less profesionals and tend to flirt with their customers. They can be the owners or the people who work there. It makes us feel very uncomfortable and makes us think twice if we want to go again to your restaurant. I’m not kidding. This is real. Well, if the customer really don’t mind, then it is a different story.

7. Keep It Clean

I don’t have to mention this. Cleanliness is very important.

8. Always Check With Your Customer If They Need Anything

Most of the time, I will call them again to order for second round. Because normally I will order only one thosai or one chapati. If I’m still hungry, I will order second one because I prefer the food is served hot. It would be good if you can come and check again if I need anything else while I’m still eating. This is basic customer service. Most of us will appreciate if you do this. There are occasions that I didn’t order the second round because the waiter is so busy or didn’t notice me calling them. You just lost some revenue here.

9. Suggest to Try New Menu

If you know you have very good dishes, why not suggest it to your new customers. Who knows they might try it and would recommend to their friends. Normally I will try if the waiter do suggest it.

10. Update The Location in Google Maps

When I’m not quite familiar with some area and I’m looking for food to eat, I tend to google to find out the nearest restaurant available. We are in the digital age. Why don’t use it to your advantage? Update it in google maps and waze app with pictures and location of your restaurant. People who visit your restaurant can provide valuable feedbacks that you can use to improvise your service. Even Facebook prompts me to update review on places that I go since the app detects the location that I’m in.

So I have written some of my thoughts that I always have when I go to a restaurant. Sometimes I feel like telling them to do this but they might get me wrong. If you do have any other ideas in how to improve the service at restaurant, please do share in the comments below. If you like it, please feel free to share.

Source of image : google

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