Why It Has To Be An Iphone? Why Not Oppo?

I believe most people will have the desire to own the well known brand Iphone. The brand is recognized for its security, good quality camera and it doesn’t hang like other smartphone brands. Well, this is what usually an Iphone user tell me. Why I should be using an Iphone! But my question is why not other brand? Why not Oppo? Why it has to be an Iphone?

Let me tell you something about myself. I’m not a fan of smartphones. I know very basic things about smartphones. I know what is the model of my phone. I know how to operate my phone. I know how to download things. But if you ask me too detailed stuff about a phone like the RAM, etc, I’m sorry I do not know. Am I supposed to know that? There are so many things I need to remember, I don’t want to remember on things that I really don’t have any interest in.

I do not know why I just can’t spend on buying a handphone. The first few Nokia models that I had were all given to me as a secondhand. I was happy with just that. My sister used to work her ass off just to get a good phone. I still remember when my brother bought for me the very first smartphone which unfortunately didn’t last long. It fell down and broke. Then I went back to Nokia.

Even when my phone was giving me problem, I continued to use it with loyalty. Of course I was complaining along the way. My brother will ask me “why don’t you just spend a few hundred to buy a phone?” In my mind, I was hoping that someone will buy me a phone because they cannot tolerate me complaining. Hahaha…I don’t mind to spend the same amount of money on good clothes but not on handphone. Don’t ask me why! I don’t know why. Weird uh?!

So when did I buy my very first smartphone and why did I buy it? I will tell you. I was working at that time with a reasonable salary. I had a crush that I was hoping he will like me too. My colleague was telling me I should get a smartphone. Otherwise how do you text him? Whatsapp was getting popular at that time. And many are changing to smartphones. Now I have a motivation and I thought I have to change my phone. So I bought my very first phone which was a Lenovo with just RM500. I cannot spend more than that. I was like there goes my money! Sob…Sob… But for my crush, I thought it is ok.

So don’t think too much on my crush because it didn’t work out. I continued to use the phone for two years. The camera was not that good. It kept hanging from time to time which I did get frustrated. Well, what can you expect from a RM500 phone? But it was good! I used it for two years. Until one day it blackout and I couldn’t switch it on back. Just to repair it, I have to spend like RM400. 😯 So I thought let me buy a new phone. Now what phone should I buy? Guess what…

Many told me to buy an Iphone. I was literally getting pressured from my peers to get an Iphone. I like the camera though. The pictures turn out to be really good. That’s the only thing I liked about Iphone. Other than that, the size of the phone was too small (of course now they have bigger size). You have to pay for most of the app. You have to operate it differently unlike androids. For new users, it is a little frustrating. My sister has an Iphone. In the beginning, she didn’t know how to select a particular song. She would select one song but another song will play. I used to tease her “you spent so much for the phone but it is not working properly!” 😝

I did consider to buy an Iphone. It was against my own will. But again, when I think I have to spent more than RM3000 just to get a phone, my heart will cry! How if the phone is stolen or lost? I definitely cannot bear the pain of losing such an expensive phone. So I asked myself “what do I need to have in a phone?” So I listed it down.

  1. I need a good camera for good selfie 😅
  2. The screen must be large enough to make it easier for me to read
  3. The only three apps I use mostly are Facebook, Youtube and Whatsapp apart from checking emails from time to time
  4. Memory space to store lots of pictures (can get memory card for that), some app available to back up pictures
  5. Mostly I’m going to use it just to call and message

My main concern was the camera and the money which I cannot spent on handphones. I’m not that rich yet that I can close my eyes to buy RM3000 handphone. Not yet! The question is do I want it? Do I desire it? The answer is no. So I ignored all my peer pressure and went ahead to get myself an Oppo instead. It meets my needs. I bought it just for RM1200. I hope I can use this phone for 5 years! Hahaha

What I’m trying to say here is not everybody is crazy about phones. Some Iphone users I feel, just using it to show off. I know people who bought the latest Iphone launched despite already using an Iphone. And then purposely come and ask me in loud tone “Puspha, what phone is that you are using?” I replied back with annoyed look “You don’t know what phone I’m using?” I kinda announced to everyone in my team earlier when I bought it and she can still come and ask me this question so that she can proudly say she has the latest Iphone. Irritating creature.

If you are using an Iphone just to look down on people or to brag that you are using one, please for God’s sake stay away from me! I really get irritated and might snap at you. You don’t want that to happen! Honestly ask your heart if you are an Iphone user, was there anytime that you feel so proud of having an Iphone? That you want to show off to someone “hey look I have an Iphone?” To have a rich look or to symbolise your status? If that is what I will feel if I were to own an Iphone, I do not want to get one for life! I do not want to use an Iphone just to look down on people. Even if I become a millionaire one day, if that is the attitude I’m gonna have, I do not want it! I would like to have it when it meets my needs, when I desire it, when I feel like “Yes, I want to own an Iphone”! For now, let me happily use my Oppo phone. Peace 😄

Source of image : digital news asia




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