Finding My Passion

Have you ever wondered what is your passion? The thing that makes your heart jump in excitement and you can spend hours just doing that without getting bored. People say that find a job that you are passionate about and you will never feel like you are working.

I did try to find what I’m good at. I did joined some workshop that helps you to find out what are your strengths and weaknesses. I found out that it is easier to find my own weaknesses rather than my strengths. When I think that this is my strength, then there comes the doubt! Am I really that? Am I really good at it? Self doubt or self-pity, whatever you call it! I had it for many years.

But I am certain I do have some specialities. It’s just that I haven’t found it. Some are really good at acting. Ask me to act, you will see me hiding behind people. No, not me! Please…haha… How about drawing? Or talking, dancing, etc? I kept thinking about it. I started to think what do I really liked? I started to list it out…

  • dancing (particularly salsa)
  • loved music
  • nature
  • animals especially puppies
  • motivational books (any thoughts provoking books)
  • love story books
  • movies (with good message)
  • creative stuff
  • arranging things
  • anything beautiful
  • writing
  • photography

I wanted to do something that I loved at the same time earn some income. What can I do? I was working in financial industries for the past few years. I enjoyed talking but it doesn’t seem to be what I really wanted to do at my core. Then I started to google to find ideas. I did have some ideas to do business but you know you need to invest money to start a business which I don’t have. Then how do I do that? There were plenty of ideas.

That’s when I realised that I loved writing. I loved books and read a lot. And writing is a way for me to express myself. So I decided to start personal blog where I want to write about the things that I love. In fact, I loved the feelings that I have while I’m writing this. Whether I will earn income in the future through blogging, I will keep you posted on that. 😛  But for now, I just want to build this blog. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. 🙂 Again any valuable feedback is welcomed!

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