About Me

IMG20160202205457.jpgLet me just introduce little bit about myself. My name is Puspha Jeyapergasam. You might see the post are published by deewanaa18 which is actually me. I created the email address with that name long time ago. Why deewanaa? Because I’m crazy and unpredictable. I love to challenge things that I don’t agree with at least in my head.

I was born in 1989. I’m staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently still single, I have no idea where is my Prince Charming. Hopefully he manage to find me. Hahaha…. I’m extremely honest and daring that sometimes ended up in trouble because of this. I love to be upfront with people and tell them what I think.

I prefer to tell directly and don’t really like to talk behind people’s back. If you dare to tell something about someone, you must be daring enough to tell that to their face. I don’t like double-faced people. I’m a deep thinker, constantly thinking about something. Most of the time about my crush. Sometimes about family. Or finances. I do find myself having lots of ideas in my head. I love beautiful things.

I want to smell the roses in the morning. I want to find positivity even in chaos. But I’m a normal human being with emotions. I do have negatives sides that I wish to improve. Whenever I lose my mind and become negative, my family always reminds me about who I am, what I always share. Be positive always.

What can you find in my blog? You will find things that is related to me. About things I do or like. I would like to share some insights on how to improve our life in terms of health, emotional, relationships, food and my collection of books. I really hope you will find good things that you can use in your daily life too. With that, athios!